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  • How does Old Hickory Social Work?
    Old Hickory Social is a vendor mall located in Old Hickory, Tennessee. It is a one-stop shop for all your vintage, handmade, and unique finds. Vendors rent booths and fill them with their own merchandise for customers to browse. It is a community-driven marketplace that promotes local small businesses, artists, and makers. Whether you're looking for antiques, home decor, clothing, or gifts, Old Hickory Social offers a variety of options to shop and support local and small businesses. At Old Hickory Social, vendors are carefully curated and chosen for their quality and uniqueness. The market mall is accessible and convenient for customers to shop at their leisure. There is always something new to find, as vendors rotate and add new items to their booths regularly. Additionally, Old Hickory Social hosts various events throughout the year, such as pop-up markets and workshops, to further engage and support the local community. Overall, Old Hickory Social provides a platform for local small businesses and makers to showcase their products and connect with customers. It is a place where the community comes together to celebrate creativity, entrepreneurship, and sustainable living.
  • How much does it cost to rent a booth at Old Hickory Social?
    To rent a booth at Old Hickory Social typically costs $400 per month, and there are only indoor options available. Additionally, there are discounts and promotions available from time to time for vendors. To get a more precise idea of booth rental costs and availability, we recommend reaching out to our events team directly. We pride ourselves on offering booth rental options to help vendors of all kinds showcase their products and connect with the Old Hickory community.
  • How long is the lease?
    Our lease contract is 12 months and auto-renews annually.
  • How do I sign up for a vendor booth?
    Fill out the vendor application. We’ll give you a call when you have been approved by our team and space becomes available. You will have to fill out and sign a contract form. Then we will set you up in our system and let the magic begin.
  • How does the Old Hickory Social Team choose who to have in the market mall?
    Old Hickory Social's team carefully curates their market mall with an eye for unique, high-quality goods and experiences. They prioritize vendors who share their commitment to supporting small businesses and local artisans. Each potential vendor must go through a thorough an application process, including submitting product samples and undergoing an interview with the Old Hickory Social team. They also consider factors such as the vendor's brand, pricing, and overall fit with the market's aesthetic. Old Hickory Social strives to create a diverse and dynamic shopping experience, with a mix of established and emerging vendors, as well as a range of price points and product categories. Overall, their goal is to showcase the best of what their community has to offer and provide a platform for independent makers and entrepreneurs to flourish.
  • What kinds of signage can I use?
    We 100% encourage you to make your space your own unique area! Use creativity to spruce up your items in a display case, add signage, display business cards, or even make a theme! Shoppers will love it when you draw attention to your booth.
  • What are the booth sizes and arrangements?
    Check it out here, in the Venue arrangement tab.
  • How will we set up our booths?
    We are going for glam, luxurious, and upscale. Vendors are encouraged to use creativity in how they display their items including adding signage, displaying business cards, or incorporating a theme to their space. This allows shoppers to connect with vendors both on a personal level and online. Old Hickory Social asks that vendors DO NOT use pegboard, metallic grids, tables with folding legs, or cardboard/plastic boxes to display items, and curtain covers over tables.
  • How many work hours are required of me?
    You aren't required to be there at all, actually. We work for you, sell your products, keep them safe, and create an upscale environment for everyone, from the customers to the vendors to benefit.
  • What are the costs and fees?
    Old Hickory Social takes a small percentage of the sales to cover credit card fees and employee costs. Each store is uniquely set up for that location. Ask the store manager for details.
  • Do vendors have to pay for electricity?
    No, please feel free to use electricity in your booths to create a memorable experience for your customers.
  • How do you advertise?
    As for advertising, we use a combination of digital marketing, social media, and word-of-mouth to reach potential customers. We also partner with local businesses and professionals to showcase our venue and booths. However, our greatest advertising is the positive reviews and referrals that we receive from our satisfied customers.
  • What are some ways that Old Hickory Social helps vendors find successful revenue?
    We strive for less stress and less risk. We will be running the POS system so that vendors do not have to be present in their booths. Barcodes and labels can be printed and provided for you. We collect and pay all of the vendors' sales tax. We will cover the store bills; water, electricity, property tax, insurance, and much more. We will hire and train all cashiers and staff. We will promote and advertise the market mall and your stores on our website. We will host numerous events to bring traffic into the store. We will provide you with a vendor portal so that you can easily access your sales, inventory, and much more! We also will occasionally offer discounts and perks for long-term vendors.
  • Ideas on what to sell?
    Gifts, home decor, clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture, candles, fragrances, soaps, essences, children's clothing, toys, pet products and accessories, handmade, curated items, art, patio, garden, outdoor furniture, packaged, non-perishable foods.
  • What should we NOT sell?
    These will NOT be allowed in our market mall. We reserve the right to refuse and turn down items. Used toys, games, shoes, bags, purses, clothing, counterfeit items, mattresses, electronic devices, magazines, weapons, CDs, DVDs, and tapes, sexually explicit items, items that endorse violence, and perishable/expired foods.
  • What happens at move-in?
    We will provide the space and walls - YOU make it YOUR own! Approval from the manager and team will be needed if the vendor would like to make alterations to their space, build a structure, or paint. Failure to obtain permission may result in additional costs for correction.
  • What if a customer wants to return or exchange an item?
    The customer has 48 hours to exchange or return an unused, unopened item within 48 hours of original purchase. Receipt MUST be present. We will tag and restock your items.
  • What if I sell clothing?
    We LOVE that you sell clothing! A fitting room will be available, however, we encourage the customers to purchase their true size. If you have hangers, we highly recommend that you label your hanger with your company name and booth number, as well as provide a basket for our staff to return your hangers.
  • Should I market my own company too?
    The answer is 100% yes! You should definitely market yourself. We believe that social media is an invaluable source for all vendors trying to grow their business, as it provides the best return on investment. Increasing exposure is ALWAYS great.
  • How does Old Hickory Social track each sale?
    Old Hickory Social will use POS software that tracks and posts each sale in real-time. Vendors will be given a vendor ID that links to their online account, where they can view sold items, account balances, and manage inventory. This POS system is called Simple Consign.
  • Will you have security?
    Old Hickory Social is very serious about the security of the building and its contents. This service is offered at no cost to the vendor. Merchandise will be watched over by in-person security at the front entrance and live and recorded camera systems at every turn of the market mall. Vendors interested in additional security deterrents are encouraged to purchase cameras for their space.
  • What if one of my items go missing?
    If an item is missing or has been misplaced, please notify the front desk staff, who will search for the item. Old Hickory Social is not responsible for missing items.
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